Metal Fabricating

What can Winston Manufacturing do for you? Our metal fabricating capabilities bring greater design flexibility, improved process efficiency, and enhance product quality. Winston offers all this, without the cost and burden of equipment ownership.

Comprehensive Metal Fabricating Capabilities

The Winston team boasts decades of sheet metal fabrication and product development experiences. Consequently we’re positioned to serve as a total solution partner. Our Salvagnini flexible fabrication technology enables the most advanced metal fabricating capabilities. Our tools include the Salvagnini SL4 Integrated Punching /Fiber Laser Cutting System and the Salvagnini P4 Automatic Panel Bender. Winston is one of a select few manufacturers that can offer such a vast range of capabilities for custom metal fabrication and stainless steel fabrication.

Our Metal Fabricating Services:

Winston Manufacturing wants to be your manufacturing arm. Our raw material stock reduces inventory costs, and our Just-In-Time delivery program assures your supply chain and workflow doesn’t suffer costly downtime.

As your source for metal fabricating, we can enhance flexibility, reduce lead time, and make you more profitable.

we specialize in metal fabrication

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