Providing a wide range of quality precision fabrication

Winston Manufacturing is your single source for a wide range of precision fabrication and assembly services. Our team applies decades of sheet metal experience in meeting your project goals, while also providing significant cost savings and productivity advantages. We utilize the industry’s most innovative and advanced technology to offer unsurpassed quality, as well as high mix/low volume and kit manufacturing capabilities.

Precision Fabrication Capabilities

Our Salvagnini flexible fabrication technology allows access to the best metalworking capabilities available. Our Salvagnini SL4 Integrated Punching / Fiber Laser Cutting System and Salvagnini P4 Automatic Panel Bender provide an unrivaled combination of resources.  Winston Manufacturing is one of the few domestic sheet metal fabrication specialists offering such an inclusive range of quality precision fabrication services.

Our Business is Your Advantage

We are positioned to serve you as your company’s highly capable and qualified manufacturing arm. Our facility offers you the advantages of superior equipment technology, without the cost and burden of ownership. The competitive edge doesn’t end there. Our stock raw material reduces your inventory costs, and a Just-In-Time delivery program means your workflow will never suffer costly downtime.

we offer a wide range of services

Meeting Your Fabrication Service Needs

Form complex metal bends with the highest degree of accuracy.

Access extensive metal fabrication experience and advanced capabilities

Reach quality and compliance goals with AISC and AWS certified services

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