CVap Full Size Cook & Hold Oven (Copy)

CATEGORY: Cook & Hold Ovens
SIZE: 24″ x 28″ x 42″
SPEC THREE: Dolor Amet Selim
SPEC FOUR: Selim Trebor
SPEC FIVE: 123cx.45

Why CVap?

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Product Overview

The CVap® Cook & Hold does more than traditional low and slow cooking by, giving you more control and higher yields. CVap® Stage, bake, braise, poach, low-temp steam, and sous vide are a simple as the touch of a button.

This full-size model comes equipped with C-Touch Controls, CVap NFC Wireless Connectivity, USB HACCP Data Download, Cooking Probe, and Switchable Convection. With a capacity of 14 sheet pans, 28 half-sheet pans or 28 hotel pans, this model is perfect for high volume operators, and no vent hood is required!

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