Salvagnini SL4 Integrated Punching/Fiber Laser Cutting System

Smarter machines and processes mean brilliant results for you!

Winston utilizes the Salvagnini SL4 Integrated Punching/Fiber Laser Cutting System which, along with the Salvagnini P4 Automatic Panel Bender, creates a world-class integrated manufacturing system. We are one of the few domestic metal fabricating companies with this technology. Partner with us and realize huge savings in throughput and productivity.

The Salvagnini SL4 quickly chews through production runs. It helps Winston Manufacturing satisfy your most demanding needs in terms of flexibility and prompt throughput. How? The SL4 combines four different functions in a single, compact structure:

  • S4Xe punching system
  • Laser cutting with an optic fiber power source
  • Completely automated manufacturing
  • Proprietary programming software to speed up production runs

In short, Winston Manufacturing offers you the combination of a powerful punching machine with a precise fiber laser, giving you all of the advantages of a multi-press head while cutting extremely articulated profiles.

The Salvagnini Advantage

Salvagnini is a well-known name in the field of automated manufacturing and innovative sheet metal processing. The Salvagnini Group has been designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art modular machinery and systems since 1963.

The SL4 makes integrated manufacturing easy
SL4 cuts clean, making integrated manufacturing as breeze

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