Salvagnini L3 Lasers

Salvagnini L3 Lasers

Winston Manufacturing operates Salvagnini L3 fiber lasers. The L3 allows Winston to reduce consumption and be more competitive in our operating costs. Importantly, it’s less wasteful (and ultimately safer for operators).

The Salvagnini L3 features an air-cooled cutting head. As a result it delivers efficient cutting, and allows for solid, clean and reliable cuts. Further, the L3s are automatically fed by a material stacker, greatly increasing shop capacity and production volume.

L3 Lasers Advantages:

  • The cutting head is air cooled by adding a Peltier plate. Consequently, this makes nitrogen gas cooling unnecessary.
  • A new collimator enables easy, fast adjustment for cutting different thickness materials.
  • Proprietary software manages cutting parameters and keeps uptime at a high level by tapping into Salvagnini’s vast database of materials and thicknesses.
L3 lasers are highly efficient

Press Brakes

Like any worthwhile metal shop, we have an abundance of press brakes – a half dozen, to be exact. Above all, Winston has the capacity, experience, and skill to take on your material bending needs.

No matter how complex, we can handle your metal bending project. Contact us today to find out how we can benefit your operation.

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