Columbus, Ohio Metal Fabrication Services

Columbus serves as Ohio’s thriving capital. Money Magazine ranked Columbus among “The 6 Best Big Cities” in 2016, referring to it as the best in the Midwest. Certainly this ranking was due to a highly educated workforce and excellent wage growth.

Winston Manufacturing is proud to be Columbus’s single-source supplier for a wide range of precision fabrication and assembly services. Our goal is to expand the manufacturing capabilities of Columbus area businesses, as a highly experienced sheet metal fabricator. We achieve goals while providing significant cost savings and productivity advantages. Winston offers Columbus the best quality, as well as high mix/low volume and kit manufacturing capabilities.

Our Services

Our Salvagnini SL4 Integrated Punching / Fiber Laser Cutting System and Salvagnini P4 Automatic Panel Bender offer an unrivaled combination of resources. Our Salvagnini flexible fabrication technology means producers can take advantage of the most advanced metalworking capabilities available. Certainly Winston Manufacturing is one of the only sheet metal fabrication specialists able to offer such an inclusive range of precision fabrication services.

Winston Manufacturing is ready to meet Columbus’s manufacturing needs.

salvagnini is perfect for metal fabrication

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