Charleston, West Virginia Metal Fabrication Services

Charleston is the capital of West Virginia, and the state’s most populated city. Today Charleston is a thriving city with continual growth in construction, retail, technology, and manufacturing. Charleston is also the home of the West Virginia Power minor league baseball team. Winston Manufacturing serves Charleston as the area’s comprehensive manufacturing supplier. Winston offers a wide range of precision metal fabrication and assembly services. We’ve invested in the industry’s most advanced technology. We deliver unsurpassed quality, as well as high mix/low volume and kit manufacturing capabilities.

Our Services

Winston has invested in Salvagnini flexible fabrication technology. This means customers have access to the best and most versatile metalworking capabilities. Our Salvagnini SL4 Integrated Punching / Fiber Laser Cutting System and Salvagnini P4 Automatic Panel Bender provide an unrivaled combination of resources. Winston Manufacturing is one of the only sheet metal fabrication specialists able to offer such a comprehensive range of quality precision metal fabrication services.

We are a highly experienced sheet metal equipment manufacturer, delivering solutions while providing significant cost savings and productivity advantages.

salvagnini is perfect for metal fabrication

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