Areas Served

Winston Manufacturing is a U.S. based company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. We are located within a day’s drive of 65% of the American population. Areas served include the Mid-West, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast regions of the U.S.

We are a comprehensive supplier, offering unique capabilities gleaned from our industrial experience. Importantly, we’ve made multi-million dollar investments in flexible metal fabrication technology, making us a state-of-the-art manufacturing partner.

Why Having a Kentucky-based Partner Makes Sense

Sure, you could take a chance on a low-priced overseas source. However, keep in mind that product quality could be compromised. In addition, supplier location and facilities access can significantly impact the overall success of your project. Consequently, production changes, troubleshooting, and delivery issues can all come into play.

On the other hand, having a Louisville supplier means having a partner that is accessible. This eases collaboration. When your engineers, quality control team, and other key personnel can easily visit, the potential for downtime and miscommunication is substantially reduced.

We want to serve your fabrication needs! Contact us to discuss your project.

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