About Us

Curious about us? There’s plenty to know. Winston Manufacturing’s history spans over five decades. We began as a prototype shop, opened by company founder Winston Shelton in the late 1960s. Among their clients was Colonel Sanders (yes, that Colonel Sanders). Projects championed by the Colonel blossomed, growing Shelton’s small prototype business into a full-blown industrial manufacturer.

Fast-forward fifty years. Winston Manufacturing became an independent subsidiary of parent company Winston Industries. Today we continue to offer metal fabrication and engineering services to our clients.

Learn more about our manufacturing team

We offer unique capabilities as a comprehensive manufacturing partner. Our team has decades of manufacturing experience and a passion for metal working. Our innate problem-solving capabilities can pinpoint problems and provide solutions. We’ve made multi-million dollar investments in flexible metal fabrication technology to maximize our production capacity. 

Our engineering team focuses on understanding the needs and objectives of every customer. We think beyond the typical approach to solve problems. We’re always discovering better ways of doing things.

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