Winston Partners with UofL Medicine to Build Pediatric Treadmill

Winston Manufacturing Partners with UofL Medicine to Build Pediatric Treadmills

Winston Manufacturing partnered with several organizations to develop and construct a new pediatric treadmill for University of Louisville Medicine.

The treadmill is used to treat spinal cord injuries. Children can experience substantial progress through locomotor training. The therapy can help patients recover the ability to walk, stand, and sit. The child is suspended over the treadmill as their feet are moved in a stepping motion by trainers. Consequently, this taps into the capabilities of the spinal cord to regain movement control.

The treatment initially developed on treadmills designed for adults. However this presented several challenges. Consequently, both the child and the trainer had to compensate for the machine being too large. But the new treadmill makes the therapy easier and more comfortable.

We were happy to be a part of this project,” said Valerie Shelton, CEO of Winston Industries. “It highlights our capabilities. If we can do that while helping a child, that is something we can all feel good about.

Therapists work with a young patient.

Partners for the Greater Good

The project involved Winston Manufacturing, University of Louisville Medicine, Adams:Kinkade Design, and several other partners. Winston Manufacturing fabricated the sheet metal sub-assemblies, as well as the final product. Win2uit Electronics produced the wiring assemblies.

Three treadmills have been completed. The initial products were destined for pediatric hospitals in Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Houston. Winston plans to build two more units, with the potential to produce more in the future.

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Winston Manufacturing and Win2uit Electronics are divisions of Winston Industries.

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