Would You Benefit from Sub-Contract Manufacturing?

Many OEMs face challenges that hinder production and profitability. Sub-contract manufacturing is an effective strategy for expanding production capacity. Outsourcing helps meet growing demand and improve bottom line. Consequently, it allows businesses to grow without increasing overhead or tying up in-house assets.

The decision to outsource should be carefully considered. Each business involves unique conditions and circumstances. The decision to sub-contract does not have to be difficult. But it is important to understand what factors to consider.

Years of experience as a manufacturing supplier has given us a knowledgeable perspective on sub-contract manufacturing. In order to assist businesses considering outsourcing, we compiled a guide that outlines the most important considerations. Our eBook, Determining the Feasibility of Sub-Contract Manufacturing is designed to help determine if sub-contract manufacturing is right for you.

Topics we will look at include:

  • Establishing Your Internal Cost Baseline
  • Assessing Internal Capacity and Capability
  • Considering Potential Issues
  • Compiling Your Prospective Vendor List
  • Establishing Your Next Steps

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