Reduce Costs and Keep Manufacturing in the USA

Many US businesses have opted to move production to countries with abundant cheap labor, to reduce costs and improve their bottom line. But this tactic has consequences. These include a long-term drag on the domestic economy, and negative effects for companies offshoring jobs. For example, American companies that moved manufacturing overseas while keeping engineering functions in the US hindered their ability to maintain effective continuous improvement programs. Some companies explore ways to reduce costs while keeping production in the US.

Salvagnini helps reduce costs

Labor costs remain one of the largest expenses. Many US companies utilize a domestic supplier as an effective way to lower operating costs while keeping production close to home. Outsourcing gives companies the flexibility to access additional labor when needed, without the expense of maintaining a larger workforce.

Developing a strategic outsourcing partnership can reduce costs beyond labor costs. The key is to partner with an experienced, capable, and qualified manufacturing supplier.

Expanded Production Capability

Operating costs can be reduced and capabilities expanded with a supplier that offers a wide range of production capabilities. Your supplier operates as an offsite extension of your business, offering expanded capabilities without the associated capital expense.

Access to Advanced Technologies

Outsourcing with a well-equipped and qualified manufacturing supplier allows access to advanced manufacturing technologies, without the burden of ownership. Productivity is enhanced. Profitability is streamlined. As a result, the levels of accuracy and precision achieved reduces profit loss due to downtime and quality issues.

Better Product Design

The right manufacturing partner works with you in the early stages of new product development, optimizing product designs in ways that save money, from material selection to production methods. Products can be made better by design in terms of quality, manufacturability, and efficiency. An experienced manufacturer offers the benefit of having already developed proven product design strategies, as well as anticipate problems that could cost money, decrease productivity, or impact product quality.

Winston Manufacturing serves as a strategic manufacturing partner for high quality components and equipment. We are committed to investing in the industry’s best and most innovative technologies, such as our Salvagnini Laser, Punching and Bending Systems and Virtek LaserQC inspection equipment. When you partner with Winston, you’ll enjoy the advantages of this technology without the capital equipment cost. We’ve designed our processes to be flexible, to meet your project and delivery needs and reduce costs.

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