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The Winston Difference in Handling Large Production Runs

Large Production RunsWhen it comes to choosing a manufacturing partner to handle your large production runs, you have a lot of options. Understanding the advantages offered by each manufacturer you consider will mean the difference between simply getting the job done and getting superior products that are efficiently produced for the highest levels of profitability.

Winston Manufacturing offers more than ordinary job shops when it comes to large production runs. Our nearly five decades of experience as a foodservice equipment OEM have enabled us to become one of the most well-equipped and knowledgeable manufacturing resources available in the U.S. today. We put our knowledge and experience to work in every project. Meeting a project’s requirements is simply an expectation of doing business. Our goal is to exceed expectations on the large production runs we handle. Here are some key advantages that allow us to achieve optimal results for every project:


Our highly seasoned team has worked through some of the most daunting manufacturing challenges imaginable. Every challenge we have successfully met has added to our arsenal of experience. Our collection of field tested knowledge is something we apply to every large production run project. This is how we have managed and improved upon some of the most demanding manufacturing processes.


While many job shops specialize in a few select areas, Winston has invested in developing a broad range of expertise. We have worked hard to position our company as a one-stop-source for a wide array of manufacturing needs. What advantage does this offer our customers? In a word, the advantage is efficiency. Projects move seamlessly through our process, with the benefit of our hard-earned experience at every phase.

More Equipment

We’re an ever-expanding OEM and we’ve made the commitment to ongoing investments in capital equipment through the years. Our continued investment has resulted in Winston being one of the industry’s most well-equipped manufacturers available for large production runs. Smaller, less well-capitalized manufacturers are financially incapable of creating an equipment mix like the one offered by Winston.

Better Equipment

Experience has taught us to stay ahead of the curve in specifying and purchasing state-of-the-art equipment. Investing in the most advanced technology available allows us to complete projects more accurately and economically. Our most recent investment, the Salvagnini L3 Fiber Laser, will enable us to expand productivity and offer greater versatility for a lower cost per part.

Our experienced team anticipates production trends and purchases equipment well in advance to meet upcoming challenges.  We maintain an on-going commitment to investing in new technology and rotating old systems out of our equipment portfolio.

Higher Capacity

Our commitment to serving large production run needs is reflected in our investment in capacity. Our specialized equipment delivers significantly more machining capacity than standard job shops offer. Winston also offers expanded shifts of experienced professionals to provide unsurpassed levels of productivity. We schedule production work down to the minute with flexible shifts and a highly qualified workforce.

Central Location

On-time delivery is a critical factor in maintaining a profitable and efficient flow of operations. The central location of Winston Manufacturing in Louisville, Kentucky, allows us to easily ship to 65% of the United States in one day’s truck drive. In addition to effectively serving domestic customers, Winston provides timely international shipments to more than 115 countries around the world.

Are you in need of a dependable and capable partner for large production runs? You can trust Winston Manufacturing with your large production runs – give us a call to discuss your project!

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