Five Ways Prototypes Help New Product Development

Creating prototypes is one of the most rewarding things you can do when developing a new product. Prototypes bring your idea to life in ways that one-dimensional conceptual drawings simply cannot match.

One of our prototypes

The benefits of prototypes go far beyond the visual and tactile satisfaction of an actual product sample. Here are five ways prototypes can help promote a new product development process.

1. Prototypes allow you to test your design and refine how well it functions.

Developing prototypes allows you to see how your product will actually function. Design flaws that may not have been obvious in the conceptual phase are often revealed as a product begins to take three-dimensional shape. The prototyping process gives you the opportunity to make necessary adjustments your product needs to function as intended.

2. Prototyping gives you the chance to test and evaluate the performance of various materials.

The initial design phase of your product typically includes consideration of what materials would be the best in its construction. For example, your first thoughts might focus on keeping costs low with a particular material. Upon developing a prototype, you may discover that a different material may provide much better performance and be worth the extra expense.

3. Prototypes help you convey a more accurate product description.

While prototypes are very useful for your engineering or product development team, having a prototype of your new product can also be very beneficial for other areas of your organization. Your sales team and marketing department will understand the product better. They’ll be more prepared to develop sales pitches and campaigns that accurately portray the product.

4. Prototypes will be more impressive and effective for attracting investors.

You will be taken much more seriously when approaching potential investors or retailers with a prototype. Prototypes can distinguish your idea from others. With your prototype, you’ll be viewed as a serious innovator with a thought-out purpose and a marketable idea.

5. The prototyping process can help you determine the most advantageous fabrication methods.

In conceptualizing your product idea, you may have envisioned a particular way to create it. Producing a prototype with an experienced prototype manufacturer can open up more beneficial fabrication approaches that you may not have been aware of.

If you have a product idea that’s ready to for the prototyping stage, it is time to contact Winston Manufacturing. We’ll work with you to determine best way to get your idea to market.

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