Outsourcing the Manufacturing Burden

Outsourcing saves money

A key goal of most businesses, regardless of size or industry, is to lower operating costs and increase profitability. Businesses can do many things to pursue this goal. Things like implementing lean principles to enhance productivity. Reducing the cost of doing business is perhaps the most direct way to increase profit margins. Many businesses are discovering that outsourcing manufacturing is an excellent way to reduce operating costs.

An effective way to off-load manufacturing is to outsource metal fabrication operations instead of investing in the equipment and skilled labor required to perform them in house. Even businesses that already have equipment may realize significant savings by partnering with the right source for metal fabrication needs. Advances in metal fabrication technology offer more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing methods. Continuing to use outdated equipment may actually cost businesses money.

The cost of equipment ownership encompasses more than the initial investment in equipment. The actual expense involved with equipment ownership includes:

  • Specialized labor and training
  • Related energy consumption
  • Regular maintenance
  • Service and repair expense
  • Cost of upgrades

Additionally, many businesses do not require high enough part volumes to justify the cost of owning machining equipment. Off-loading manufacturing functions means lower operating costs. Above all, the right supplier partner can bring the benefits of expert support, manufacturing expertise, and better material prices.

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